A Better City aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and natural resource consumption of buildings and mobile sources through sustainability practices and transportation management strategies.

Portfolio Manager Outreach

A Better City is working to assist building owners and managers with compliance in the new Building Energy and Disclosure Ordinance. ABC is providing free help to companies through it's “Portfolio Manager Outreach Coordinators” in businesses preparation for the new Boston ordinance.

What does assistance consist of?
A Better City (ABC) is working with the City of Boston to provide free support for compliance with the new Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance. ABC can help owners and managers:

  • Determine which buildings in their portfolio must report
  • Train personnel in the use of the Portfolio Manager online tool, which is the EPA's free tool that the Ordinance will use for disclosure.


Mihir Parikh, Sustainability Coordinator                                                   

Highlighted Project

The Challenge for Sustainability is a voluntary environmental program for members of A Better City as well as the City of Boston Main Streets businesses.


A Better City is a USGBC Member.

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