Environment Challenge for Sustainability

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The Challenge for Sustainability brings together commercial real estate and business leaders in Greater Boston to increase energy efficiency, minimize waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Challenge participants represent over 35 million square feet of space and are achieving real and measurable reductions by:

Benchmarking facilities’ environmental impact with our Sustainability Scorecard; Engaging in monthly events for networking and learning;
Sharing success stories to highlight achievements and motivate others; and Reducing CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions 18% since 2009, through the implementation of over 1,500 sustainability actions!

By coordinating their efforts, the Challenge for Sustainability and an elite group of businesses, property owners and institutions are positively impacting the environment, economic competitiveness, and quality of life of Greater Boston; preparing the region for a strong—and sustainable—future.

For more information, check out www.challengeforsustainability.org